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Iconic, man-made islands, the tallest building and some of world’s finest restaurants, hotels and conference facilities, the UAE always has something new up its sleeve.

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Ramadan Kareem

 It’s May and across the UAE, and indeed the world, people are preparing for Ramadan, one of the most important times in the Islamic year. Despite the enormous cultural significance Ramadan holds, and the beautiful community atmosphere it creates, many people are unsure what Ramadan actually means. So this month we thought we’d take a look at this special time and how it affects life across the Middle East and beyond.

The holy month of Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam, the central concepts of the Muslim faith. Starting at dawn on the first day, Muslims abstain from eating or drinking anything whatsoever - even a sip of water, until sunset, to remind them to be kind to the poor and those in need by sharing
and experiencing their hardships.

Muslims will wake before sunrise and eat a meal known as ‘Suhoor’ to prepare for the day ahead. They will then be called to prayer five times across the day, beginning with Azan Al Fajr at sunrise, and ending with Azan Al Maghred at sunset which announces the end of the days fasting. After this they will enjoy a meal called Iftar, often held in a tent outside like a sunset buffet - a chance to feast together with family and friends and visit the people they love.

Visiting During Ramadan 

The Holy month is a time when the otherwise frenetic pace of the city takes a slow, deep breath. Ramadan in Dubai you will see a whole new side to the city, learn about the local culture, try authentic Emirati cuisine and experience traditional festivities. Ramadan asks non-Muslims visiting to respect those who are fasting by dressing modestly, avoid eating, drinking and smoking in public. However, most restaurants remain open, serving behind screens until sundown. It is business as usual, please do bear in mind that most businesses do work less hours to accommodate more family time and time for prayer.


Al Qasr - Madinat Jumeirah Refurb  

Surrounded by lush gardens, tree lined avenues and private waterways, and with its own two kilometre-long private beach, the Al Qasr Hotel at The Madinat Jumeirah Resort has now completed its much-anticipated refurbishment.

Combining traditional Arabesque architecture with fresh contemporary touches, this no expense spared refreshment encompasses 164 rooms and suites, keeping this iconic hotel firmly at the cutting edge of luxury travel whilst staying faithful to the elegant ambience that made it famous.

Once there be sure to enjoy the decadent Talise spa, temperature controlled pool and traditional souk featuring scores of shops and galleries.

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Opera Stage
Opera Stage 2

Take the stage at the Dubai Opera 

Since opening in 2016, the 2000 seater Dubai Opera House has seen some of the worlds most impressive cultural and performing arts events, from theatre and opera, to ballet and concerts. However this gorgeous venue is now offering the chance for a new event to take centre stage – yours!

For the first time a spectacular gala dinner can now be held on the stage itself, one that’s seen the likes of Placido Domingo and Jose Carreras.  From its immense ceiling, to the wooden opera boxes shaped like hand carved canoes, the Dubai Opera House is a truly unforgettable location for a special night, combining outstanding food with never-before-seen views of one of the world’s most incredible interiors.

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Al Seef
Al Seef 3



Once home to fishermen, pearl divers and weavers, Dubai’s historic Al Seef area has now been transformed into a bustling waterside destination, perfect for groups to explore.

 Set beside the Dubai Creek, which threads its way through the heart of the city to the Persian Gulf, Al Seef is filled with traditional pedestrian alleyways known as Sikkas, waterside boardwalks, marinas, boutique shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels – the perfect place to kick back on a picturesque terrace or a creek-side table and watch traditional dhow boats by the water.

Then after lunch why not jump on one yourself and watch the city slowly pass you by.

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LA MER     

Wind in your hair and sand in your toes ! Laidback fun at Dubai’s eclectic beachfront, journey throughthe bustling backstreets of the Wharf and kick back at the beach. From breezy calm to action-packed fun, La Mer has something for everyone.

DINE - Enjoy dining with an unrivalled backdrop! Let your taste buds go wild with food options from around the world.

SHOP - Let the ocean inspire your shopping experience… Whether it's active wear to stylish beach accessories, you’ll find it at La Mer.

PLAY - Add more fun and relaxation to your day at La Mer with activities curated for the whole family to enjoy from jumping on a giant inflatable air pillow to laying down on the white sands along the Jumeirah beach.

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Site Award 1
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We are very proud and excited to announce that SITE - The Society for Incentive Travel Excellence has awarded Arabian Adventures Meetings, Incentives and Events the prestigious Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel for the Middle East and Africa 2017.  

This is considered one of the highest honours in the incentive travel industry, the Crystal Award was created to recognise companies that set a whole new standard by providing a truly exceptional experience for their guests – and was presented to us for our work on the Forever Living Global Rally 2017.  As an award of this scale will no doubt raise the profile of the UAE considerably as a safe and exciting destination for Meetings, Incentives and Events, we wanted to give you the time and information to take advantage of the amazing opportunity it represents when presenting it to our clients.

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Desert Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Award 2017   

The UAE’s deserts are pristine pieces of breathtaking natural beauty, which is why we’re proud to announce that Arabian Adventures has won the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Award 2017 for best adventure camps. Created as part of Dubai’s aim to become the most sustainable city in the world, the award recognises commitment to preserving the country’s unique landscape and culture across five key areas of environmental practice – water energy and carbon sustainability, continuous improvement, waste and environmental protection, responsible practices and training and awareness.

Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards are held to recognise those companies within the tourism sector that have demonstrated good practices when it comes to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, in efforts to promote sustainability of the tourism industry.  

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