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Iconic, man-made islands, the tallest building and some of world’s finest restaurants, hotels and conference facilities, the UAE always has something new up its sleeve.

Desert Sustainability

Sustainable Tourism Award 2017   

The UAE’s deserts are pristine pieces of breathtaking natural beauty, which is why we’re proud to announce that Arabian Adventures has won the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Award 2017 for best adventure camps. Created as part of Dubai’s aim to become the most sustainable city in the world, the award recognises commitment to preserving the country’s unique landscape and culture across five key areas of environmental practice – water energy and carbon sustainability, continuous improvement, waste and environmental protection, responsible practices and training and awareness.

Dubai Sustainable Tourism Awards are held to recognise those companies within the tourism sector that have demonstrated good practices when it comes to reducing the company’s carbon footprint, in efforts to promote sustainability of the tourism industry.  

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Louvre Abu Dhabi   

Set on the beautiful Saadiyat Island, the astonishing Louvre Abu Dhabi opened its doors this month complete with a dome that seems to float above the rest of the building. In cooperation with its legendary French sibling, the museum features an ever-changing collection of art, sculpture and historical artefacts to tell the story of world culture - from paintings by Da Vinci, to a sphinx from Ancient Egypt, and works of art from Africa, Medieval Europe and of course the UAE itself.

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Etihad Museum
Etihad SZ 2

Etihad Museum

Discover the contemporary history of the United Arab Emirates at Dubai’s latest cultural offering – the Etihad Museum. In a magnificent new building located in Jumeirah 1, the museum offers a series of interactive pavilions where visitors can explore the UAE’s history – with particular emphasis on the significant period between 1968 and 1974 –  through photos, films and more.

At the museum, visitors can discover the UAE’s rich heritage about life before the country’s founding fathers signed the treaty that unified the seven emirates and the UAE’s extraordinary economic development.

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Q Bar 1
Q Bar Singer

Q Bar 

The music legend Quincy Jones’ first ever bar, Q’s is Dubai’s most desirable venue for live entertainment. This purpose-built venue with living room-like space will feature performances from an ever-changing schedule of acts featuring next generation stars, directed by Quincy himself. 

Enjoy live musical performances paired with a wide selection of fine and rare beverages or the finest cigars.

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La Perle 4
La Perle 5

La Perle - DRAGONE  

Even Dubai has never seen anything like this before.

La Perle is a breath-taking fusion of artistic performance, awe-inspiring acts, technology and explosions of light and colour that will leave you speechless, all in a 1300 seat, purpose built theatre filled with 2.7 million litres of water. Created by legendary artistic director, Franco Dragone and brought to Dubai by Al Habtoor Group, La Perle comprises of 65 world-class artistic and athletic team members from 23 countries, who bring to life this immersive and edge-of-your-seat action, twice a night, five days a week. 

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Alila Jabal 4
Alila Jabal 6


Alila Jabal Akhdar  

Perched 2000 metres above sea level, this gorgeous boutique hotel is situated on the edge of the cliff tops, with wonderful views over the Al Hajar Mountains and the plunging valleys below. Made from local stone and filled with authentic Emirati interiors, the hotel blends seamlessly into the environment with bathrooms best described as epic - the perfect base from which to explore local villages hidden amongst rich date groves, grab a decadent spa, or just watch the sun set over the mountains from the gorgeous infinity pool.

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