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Designing the perfect event, incentive or program takes ingenuity, exceptional service, and the passion to create something wonderful. Explore some of the tailor made programs we’ve delivered.


Winner – SITE Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel, Middle East and Africa 2019

This time our client wishes to remain anonymous, however, we can say that it was for a major US finance company and saw 270 people from across the United States travel to Dubai for five days of celebrity treatment - the first time a Middle East destination had ever been selected.

Amongst the factors that won the award for Arabian Adventures was the diversity of Emirati culture that guests experienced, spanning the city’s often-contrasting personality - old, new, people, fun and the unexpected. Celebrity treatment meanwhile came in the form of cooking classes alongside one of the nation’s top chefs, an exclusive camel polo tournament and an upgrade to Emirates Airlines business class from every point of origin, including lay-flat beds and a sky-high cocktail bar.

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Winner – SITE Crystal Award for Excellence in Incentive Travel, Middle East and Africa 2017

Forever Living, the world’s largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of Aloe Vera products, hosts a yearly Global Rally as a reward for the top sales elite of their ten million strong ownership force. With 13,000 Forever Living business owners from over 150 countries in attendance, they needed a city not just capable of housing such a large and diverse group, but one that could provide all the right ingredients for a truly unforgettable experience. 

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Known for both its one family and high-energy rewards program, Jeunesse Global, a worldwide leader in skin care and anti-aging technology with more than 500,000 distributors in 215 countries, hosts a number of  Lifestyle Rewards trips for its' top sellers and distributors throughout the year. For their 2017 incentive trip Jeunesse needed a location that could offer the full package – ancient culture, modern wonders, amazing food and golden beaches, as well as endless activities by day or night from which this young and energetic group could construct their own unforgettable experience.

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When IATA, The International Air Transport Association, assembled in Dubai for the very first time for it’s yearly World Travel Symposium they thought they knew what to expect. This year however they were in for a surprise, as the Arabian Adventures, Meetings Incentives and Events team had been tasked with organising their final night gala dinner. The challenge? To give a diverse group representing 200 airlines and 117 countries a magical insight into all that the beautiful UAE has to offer.

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YOFOTO, one of the fastest growing direct sales companies in South East Asia with more than 4000 employees across the region, were looking to expand their network, beginning with an incentive trip for their top sales elite. This needed to be a culturally sensitive reward for those who had fuelled the companies’ profitability and required the services of dedicated Mandarin speaking MICE professionals and skilled interpreters in order to foster communication between a large and diverse multinational group. A distinct further level of reward was also needed for the companies VVIP’s.

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